Payment methods


    Payments can be done by credit card. Visa, mAstercard,Maestro,American Express and tarjeta Aurora cards are accepted. Purchases will be charged witihn 4 days, and they will be effective after bank confirmation. 

    If POS Sytem reports a card refusal, the order will be cancelled. In such a case the client will be informed.

    Cardholders accept to be responsable of any transaction within


    Amounts of refunds will be charged to the customer account.

    A bank transfer needs:

  • Invoice number
  • Name and lastname
  • Transfers should be directed to Contaval account number
  • The payment receipt should be sent to



    Paypal payments and refunds will be charged according to the paypal-client contract.

    Contaval operates from Spain. The company Works in euros (€) and it does not impose a purchase age-limit.